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Dubai Creek Tower Tickets Entry Pass Best Rates

March 5, 2020
Dubai Creek Tower

The Creek Tower will keep Dubai to its fame achieved by The Burj Khalifa. This city has always surprised the world with its ability to provide astonishing structures that were only possible in fairy tales. This new identity of Dubai is near completion and the world is waiting to see this happen. One kilometer long, straight in the sky.

This tower will provide visitors and owners with stunning views of the whole Dubai and UAE, Creek Tower Dubai tickets will be available for anyone who wishes to see this engineering marvel. This building will set new benchmarks in the world of construction and luxuries and it will leave a permanent expression in your mind. For your information, The Tower Dubai tickets are not yet available but will be available soon.

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Dubai Creek Tower – What does it have?

Must-do things in Dubai Creek Tower

Comparison b/w Creek Tower & Burj Khalifa

Basic Must Know Things

Enjoyment Trick for Creek Tower

creek tower dubai


Dubai Creek Tower – What does it have?

  • This Tower is designed by the world-famous architect Santiago Calatrava. He is well-know for his Museum of Tomorrow & Milwaukee Art Museum.
  • There will be 10 observation decks and a special place that will provide a panoramic view of Whole Dubai.
  • The tip of the tower is designed the same as a flower bud. 
  • Special Multi-story gardens deck with VIPs only area too.
  • The construction company behind this tower also wishes to make Creek Tower hub for Commercial, Residential, Entertainment and recreational activities.
  • The tower will have a special beacon on its top, this will put projection of a hovering flower.
  • Creek Tower will provide panoramic views of downtown Dubai and Dubai Creek Harbour near it.
  • The Creek Tower’s design was chosen by the Royal leader of Dubai. Worlds best architects were asked to design this tower.
  • Creek tower’s design is inspired by lily flower and minaret.
  • This may come as a surprise that the height of this tower might be humongous 1300 meters. 

Must-do things in Dubai Creek Tower

As soon as the Dubai Creek Tower Tickets becomes available, here are few must-do things there.

Worlds Highest Garden: Here they have planned a multi-story garden high in the sky for their visitors and residents; This garden will be the highest in the world and you will see some exceptional plantation that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Whole City View: Dubai Creek Harbour Tour tickets will provide you with the chance to capture whole Dubai in your eyes and such sights are seen by only the lucky ones. Since this building will be even taller than Burj Khalifa which is currently the tallest building in this universe. There will nearly 10 decks for speculation from Creek Tower.

Kilometer High Elevator: Since this tower is planned to rise one kilometer high then there will be sophisticated elevator systems that will take you on this amazing ride. You will witness the best views on these elevators and it will also provide a great thrill. It will be one of a kind lifetime experience. 

Mall of Creek Tower: There is plenty of space for all goods things in Creek Tower and a state-of-the-art mall exists in this skyscraper. There will be many exciting attractions too like water dancing and other relaxing decors like the ones at big airports.

Comparison b/w Creek Tower & Burj Khalifa

  Dubai Creek Tower Burj Khalifa
Total Height 920+ meters expected 830 meters
Top View Downtown Dubai, Dubai City, Mirdif, Creek Harbour Dubai Jumeirah Beach, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Creek Dubai
Total Number Floors 210 163
Construction Cost 1 Billion Dollars 1.5 Billion Dollars
Designed By Santiago Calatrava Adrian Smith
Inspired By Lily flower & Islamic minaret Desert lily flower
Residential Apartments N/A 850+
Malls Nearby    
Close to V.R Park, Ice-Expedition, Dubai Square Opera Dubai, Dubai Fountains, Souk Al-Bahar
Ticket Rates N/A 30$ to 45$

Basic Must Know Things

Dubai Creek Tower Tickets

Dubai Creek Tower tickets entry pass is not available at this moment because the tower is under construction, but once it is completed you will find Dubai creek tower tickets on the cheapest rates here.

Opening Hours for visitors

Opening hours are also not decided at the moment because of the remaining construction work.

Location of Dubai Creek Tower

This tower is being built near Dubai Creek and if you want to go there then the road is the same as of Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek Tower Directions

Depending on how you wish to reach there here are the routes for you.

  • Through Car, go straight on Ras Al-Khor Road / E44 then take the exit towards Creek Harbour Dubai.
  • Though Metro, your route will be M1
  • Through Bus, on a bus, your route number will be 27, 4 & C7


Thing To Do IN Trick for Creek Tower

  • Choose a bright clear day for your visit to Creek Tower and do buy your Dubai creek harbour tour tickets in advance to create an advance reservation. All this so that you can enjoy the best views from its top.
  • Witness the beautiful sight of sunset from its top when you visit in evening hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected height of the Creek Tower?

When completed, The Creek Tower Dubai is expected to cross 920 meters, according to some sources it could be around 1300 meters.

What will be the total number of floors here?

According to the plan, there will be more than two-hundred floors.

Will there be any residential area?

Yes, there are more than 20 dedicated floors for residential purposes.

Which building will be the tallest after its construction?

Of course, The Creek tower will be the tallest building in the world after its construction is completed.