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We all know that the United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates and among these seven emirates, one of the most beautiful emirates is Fujairah. Located on the coastline of the Gulf of Oman it is without any doubt the most beautiful of the city among the UAE. furthermore, not only is this the most beautiful city it is also the only emirates said to be situated on the coastline of the Gulf of Oman.

Fujairah Fort:

Although this fort has been termed as a fort the beauty it radiates closely connects this architecture to be considered more of a castle or a palace than a fort. This fort named as Fujairah fort is named after the city it is situated in called the Fujairah fort. This fort is said to be the oldest fort in UAE and the most beautiful one, as it was built in around 1550 and 1500 and is said to be built by Portuguese as around this time, the rulers were suggested to be Portuguese.

Fujairah Museum:

Suggested by the name this museum is also situated in Fujairah city and is situated just outside the Fujairah fort. This museum is said to be the most beautiful and the most informative museum in the United Arab Emirates. The museum is supposed to portray the legacy and the culture of the United Arab Emirates in the most beautiful way possible.

Al Bithnah Fort:

This fort is said to be situated outside of the village in Fujairah city which is the coastal city of the United Arab Emirates. It is not yet known when this was built but we are pretty sure that this fort is one of the architectures that guard the trade route of UAE crossing through the mountain known as Hajar Mountain.


  • Pickup service from Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.
  • Tour to bitna fort.
  • A professional tour guide to help you explore Fujairah city
  • Trip to Hajar mountain and mountain of Dibba
  • a trip to the Friday market.
  • Exploring Fujairah city vegetable, carpet, and fruit market.
  • Experiencing Fujairah beaches and museum
  • A visit to Fujairah fort
  • Exploring the fishing village of Fujairah
  • All you can drink soft drinks and juices.
  • Enjoying up to 2 hours of swimming and snorkeling in Indian ocean.
  • Drop back services to your destination.


Tour Duration 8 Hours
Tour Service Daily Morning Departure
Pick Time 08:45 :- To -: 09:00 AM
Drop Time 05:45 :- To -: 06:00 PM
Tour Guide English Speaking
Refreshment Cold Drinks, Water & Lunch
Per Child 300 AED
Per Person 400 AED


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